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Wednesday, 10 January 2018 07:35

Crypto Leftist crybabies?

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I find it amusing that there are those such as Jackson Palmer that are crying about how things are going on the crypto market.
It seems he feels his crypto dream was shattered when real world markets took his dream into a different direction.
Well Mr. Palmer if your dream was some far left idea which you entered into a capitalist system I for one can't see why your surprised or upset.
What did you think would happen after all you created a coin which you offered to the public which you say was as a joke.
A joke?
One does not put a coin on the market and expect it to not trade.
So here is this person telling us that due to his phony coin doing well this entire market is a bubble!

There is no bubble in the crypto market!
There are so few people invested in this market which is less than one 70th of the stock market value.
There are few people in it because it's not easy to get in!
Coinbase for instance limits credit card purchases to $700 and requires you to wait a long period of time for bank transfers.
Coinbase only takes orders for 4 cryptos!
Then if one wants to trade for let's say Ripple, Cardona or another coins they must sign up with yet another exchange!
Investing in stocks is ten thousand times easier.
With all the blockades in place making it difficult to invest many people just give up.

There is no bubble as the system itself prevents a bubble from taking place.
Yes there is a long line wrapped around the virtual block waiting for a chance to get in.
But the systems in place cannot handle the demand and have turns many away.

This is not to say there will not be a bubble. I expect the bubble will take place at some point in the future.
This will happen when it becomes easier to trade coins for cash.

The other tool used by these crybabies is they claim that the market is ripe with crime.
Grow up I say as there is no more crime here than that which takes place on the OTC stock exchange.
You can find get rich quick schemes in abundance on the OTC market.
I find it no surprise that the crypto markets are any different.

I for one am not interested in what Jackson Palmer has to say.
As for those that are looking for good investments in the crypto market I wish them good hunting.

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