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Tuesday, 06 July 2004 09:54

My web form has been Hijacked!

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My web form has been Hijacked!

If this happened to you follow these steps to stop the Hijackers dead in their tracks.
First thing to do is determine which web forms you have.
Spammers have been successful at getting to any form within a website.
This includes forms within popular applications.
They do this by registering in your system so they have access to the applications web forms.
If you have installed a mail script chances are it's prone to abuse.
Almost all mail scripts do not check for any form of abuse.
Follow the steps outlined below to rid your self of this problem.

Web Form email scripts
A proper Web form email script must check for code and also the place the form was submitted from.
With common scripts on the market a spammer need only copy your form to his pc.
He can then add an automated script to flood your server with hundreds of thousands of emails.
The script we wrote checks to be sure the form was activated on your website.
It also checks for suspicious code that indicates he is trying to pass email through your system.
If you replace your script with ours or one that promises to block hijacking it will solve this problem.

Forms within Applications.
Many spammer will use the forms within applications such as popular Shopping Carts, CMS Apps and many others.
Chances are the culprit used a temporary free email address to signup and dropped it soon after.
The first thing to do is remove everyone from your list that has a bad email address.
Then contact the software company to find out when they will fix this and when an patch will be available.
If they have no plans to fix it soon you can either disable the form or contact us to place a patch on the code.

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